Production of High-Quality Timber Products

About Us

Since 2016 Private Joint-Stock Company “Slovyanski Shpalery – KFTP” has an own woodworking division, producing its goods under the trade mark SLAV FOREST.

Our achievements

350 +


80000 м3


200000 м3



Annual production capacity.

Round wood harvesting

up to 80 000 cbm

Roundwood processing

up to 200 000 cbm

Sawn timber production

up to 100 000 tons

Production of furniture panels, solid beams and board for furniture production

up to 6 000 cbm

Furniture panel is a semiproduct, which can be used as a base for many wooden articles. As it is made of natural materials, all items made of it are durable, environmentally friendly and of a very high quality. Furniture panels are a universal solution for furniture and interior. Our company produces both solid and finger jointed pine furniture panels of different size and with different surface texture.

Solid furniture panels are manufactured of high quality timber by lamella edge gluing with specific glue. A characteristic feature of the manufacturing process is that solid long lamellas are jointed only on edges to get a panel of necessary width. Solid panels look expensive and stylish, being a perfect option for stairs and furniture manufacture.

Finger jointed panels are produced by jointing lamellas both on edges and on ends, which allows us to get large size panels. Such panels are mainly used for flat surfaces of kitchens, furniture, large stair components, wall panels.

Furniture panels, different size beam and board for furniture production can be manufactured upon request.

Fuel pellets production

up to 10 000 cbm

Fuel pellets are 100% genuine and are produced of wood processing residues. We produce pellets only of unprocessed timber, so they do not contain any binding agents. After drying and grinding softwood chips pass only through a press, resulting in a high quality environmentally friendly product.

At the moment we produce 6 mm fuel pellets which can be packed at customer’s option:

  • in 1000 kg bulk bags;
  • in 15 kg polyethylene bags.

Fuel briquettes production

3 000 cbm

RUF fuel briquette is a type of solid fuel. Such briquettes are most commonly used for industrial and domestic heaters and boilers. RUF fuel briquettes are made of high quality pine. The key difference of such briquettes lies in their ecological properties, economical efficiency and comfort in use.

Primary benefits of RUF fuel briquettes:

  • briquettes have an extended storage period;
  • when burning, briquettes evolve no foreign chemical smells, as no chemical colorants and glues are used during briquettes production;
  • no resins are used in RUF briquettes production, that’s why they do not contaminate chimneys and have a pleasant odour;
  • wood fuel briquettes produce ten times less СО2 compared to natural gas and fifty times less CO2 compared to coal.

Our briquettes are packed into shrinkbags in sets of 12 pcs., which provides protection against dust, dirt and moisture. The weight of each bag is approx 10 kg, total weight of a pallet is 1 ton.


The goods can be shipped by truck or railway transport.

The wood processing plant is equipped with a MS multiply saw and auxillary SERRA band-saws.

The plant also has a PROLIANT drying unit gross production capacity of 1350 cubic meters.

The furniture board production unit uses WEINIG equipment.


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